Our People

Quality People = Quality Company

THC Alaska is a diverse cannabis company focused on cultivating and producing premium cannabis, CO2 extracted concentrates, and edible products.

The company is dedicated to operating with minimal impact to the environment and producing clean cannabis, accomplished by growing indoors with renewable energy, in biodynamic soil, and using regenerative growing techniques. THC Alaska strives to provide adult recreational consumers a connection to sustainably grown and pesticide free product across Alaska, as well as developing community relationships locally and nationally.

John Nemeth

President and Founder

John Nemeth, serves as the President of Top Hat. He has a background in large project management, real estate, and construction. John also has a passion for the cannabis industry and a vision to see it become the next great American Industry! He serves the company daily as the Chief Executive Officer and is cross trained in all aspects of the business from cultivation, extraction, and sales. John also handles bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, etc.

Ben Wilcox

Account Executive and Founder

Ben Wilcox is originally from Southern Oregon, but has considered Juneau his home for over 20 years. He was a tireless advocate for getting out the vote on the marijuana ballot initiative, and worked many hours with City & Borough of Juneau officials so that they could feel comfortable implementing the ballot measure. He understood early the therapeutic and socio-economic benefits to legalization. Ben is a proud father and member of his community. At Top Hat, Ben’s primary role is sales. He is the Account Executive for all of our dealings both on the wholesale to retailers’ side and acquiring trim. He is a master of relationships and has built a solid network in the industry.

Lacy Wilcox

Political Liaison

Ben’s wife of 15 years Lacy Wilcox has extensive marijuana policy experience. Currently she serves as Tops Hat’s Political Advisor, is President of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association (AMIA), serves as legislative liaison for the AMIA and is a member of the Western Regional Cannabis Business Alliance. When not busy at Top Hat, Lacy can be found in strategic meetings with lawmakers at both the state and federal level.

Naomi Hamb

Head Cultivator

Naomi was born and raised in Northern California where she cultivated both indoor and outdoor cannabis with a strong focus on organic and regenerative farming practices. She has been active in the cannabis industry for over a decade and is currently implementing the garden plans and practices for Top Hat Cannabis.

Kevin Doyle

Lead Cultivator

Kevin is possibly the person at Top Hat who is most passionate about the plant! His genuine love and the care he takes of the plants is reflective in our award winning products. He is originally from Spokane, Washington but has made Alaska his home for well over a decade. His advocacy and joy around this industry is contagious! Our plants are his babies, and it shows!

Jamie Koeneman

Director of Concentrates

Jamie was born in Petersburg, Alaska to a fisheries biology family. He is currently producing concentrates and Top Hat Concentrates, filing his need for over complicated machinery nicely! He previously worked as a machine service tech for a local roasting company, boat rigger/builder, commercial fisherman, and bartender. His background was filled with a myriad of gadgetry to fix but none as stimulating as Top Hat! He and his fantastic wife Crystal are the proud parents of two handsome boys!

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