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We at Top Hat believe in being open and honest about our philosophy, products and practices, and policy opinions. We always welcome a chance to talk about what we’re passionate about!

Alaska Leaf

Alaska Leaf – The Many Hats Of Lacy Wilcox

Lacy Wilcox is a professional and passionate Cannabis advocate who has worn many hats, including her time in state service, raising children, building a licensed Cannabis operation with her husband and partners, and volunteering as the elected President of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association.

Alaska Leaf

Alaska Leaf – Gummy Bears

One pop of Top Cannabis’ Gummy Bears’ container, and you’ll instantly be transported to Candy Land. Unlike the game, though, you won’t find yourself stuck in Licorice Lagoon wondering why you can’t draw any decent cards. Instead, you’ll find yourself chilling with Princess Lolly in her Lollipop Palace, wondering why it took you so long to try this fantastic strain.

Alaska Leaf

Alaska Leaf – Top Hat Concentrates’ Gummy Bears

The Simple things in life are the sweetest, and since gummy bears are mainly food coloring and sugar, we prefer the scrumptious and smokable version to the overly chewy, second-rate candy. In true journalistic transparency, this writer also hates candy corn and Tootsie Rolls, but if a breeder accepts the challenge, they will be consumed in Cannabis form.

Alaska Leaf

Alaska Leaf – Cannabis Philanthropy

Puff, puff…Pass out a $10,000 check? After witnessing a crippling of the local economy at the hands of a worldwide pandemic, Juneau’s John Nemeth and his colleagues at Top Hat Concentrates (THC) Alaska decided to step in and lend a hand to their friends at the South East Alaska Food Bank (SEAFB).

Ask Growers

Grower Stories #81: John S Nemeth

There are fewer places less hospitable than the often frozen and inhospitable tundra that is Alaska. Some brave souls not only choose to live there, but they take it a step further by growing their own cannabis. One of those brands is Top Hat Concentrates. AskGrowers sits down with John S Nemeth to chat about their origins, their products, and the challenges of operating in Alaska.

Alaska Leaf

Alaska Leaf – Concentrate Of The Month

TOP HAT exclusively grows all of their Cannabis indoors with all-natural materials, which means their flowers are free from harmful pesticides. When it comes to their concentrates, Top Hat proudly boasts that they never adulterate their products with glycols, thinning agents, artificial terpenes or added flavors.

Cannabis Radio

The Therapeutic And Socio-Economic Benefits To Legalization

Today on Mission Supercritical we are joined by John Nemeth from THC Alaska, Top Hat Concentrates, Top Hat Cannabis and Top Hat Collective. John Nemeth, serves as the President of Top Hat. He has a background in large project management, real estate, and construction. John also has a passion for the cannabis industry and a vision to see it become the next great American Industry! Top Hat was founded in 2016 by Benjamin and Lacy Wilcox, Tracy LaBarge, and John Nemeth in Juneau, Alaska. Structured as a vertical integrated company which incudes, Top Hat Cannabis, Top Hat Concentrates and Top Hat Collective Retail.

Kiny Radio

KINY Radio – Capital Chat with THC Alaska

Join John Nemeth, Tracy Wilcox, and Dr. Emily Kane as they discuss business, political and health related cannabis issues.

Marijuana Venture

Marijuana Venture Magazine 2019 40 under 40 in the Cannabis Industry

THC Alaska’s Co-Founder/CEO, John Nemeth. Named one of the top 40 under 40 Cannabis professionals in North America.

Juneau Empire

Marijuana Industry professionals say they heeded warning of Colorado’s mistakes. Did a better job.

A Colorado speaker presented the effects of marijuana to the Juneau Chamber of Commerce, but some industry professionals and chamber members weren’t convinced her data was relevant to Alaska.

AK Cannabist

Alaska Cannabist interviews THC Alaska Co-Founders, John Nemeth & Ben Wilcox

You might say it started with a wedding. After all, when Benjamin Wilcox married his wife, Lacy, she insisted he wear his top hat. It had already been years since he started wearing one to make a distinctive mark while working as a bartender.

Juneau Empire

Local Company Produces, Sells Concentrated Form of Cannabis

THC Alaska head cultivator Naomi Hamb tends to marijuana plants at the company’s Juneau facility.

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