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Top topics from our customers

What should I look for in a cannabis product? (High THC content, other attributes?)

At Top Hat, our process and philosophy involves honoring the plant, and keeping our products as pure as possible We strive not only to retain the whole cannabinoid and terpene profile of the plant, but also to allow each strain to shine with its unique flavor and characteristics. We are constantly seeking to educate the consumer on the benefits o considering all of these aspects as opposed to chasing high THC only. With our products, while we do aim for high THC and all around great testing results, our priority is retaining the purity of the plant and highlighting to our customers each strain’s unique qualities. We do have some customers that always look out for things like terpene profiles and the presence of cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC, all of which are prominently displayed both on our sales order sheets for retailers, and on our unique packaging labels for the end customer. It’s all about the entourage effector terpenes and cannabinoids working in harmony to create different effects and great highs. Not just high THC.

Our custom labels for our concentrate cartridges highlight many aspects of the product. There you will find a list of cannabinoid percentages, not only THC but also CBD and any others that may be present, such as THCV, CBN, CBG, and CBC. Our labels also include terpene percentages, and symbols showing what terpene flavors are naturally occurring in that specific strain.

Why are products from Top Hat sometimes more expensive?

We firmly believe in the philosophy of High Quality = Quality High. Our CO2 extraction process for our concentrates produces the cleanest and most pure oil possible. Most of our products are also single strain and made from the highest quality plants, using no pesticides or other chemicals. We buy small batches of trim from cultivators all over the state, which allows us to have an ever changing inventory of amazing strains, as opposed to buying giant batches of trim and altering it or adding terpenes to make “flavors”. All of our concentrates are full spectrum, which highlights each strain’s unique characteristics, both in the entourage effect of cannabinoids, and flavor from natural terpenes. We believe we make the highest quality product available, so while it may be a little more expensive, the quality of your high as well as flavor will always be top of the line!

My Cartridge doesn't look full! Why is that?

Our cartridges are all filled with a precisely measuring dispenser that fills exactly .5g (or 1g) into the cartridge. The actual volume of the cartridge itself is a little larger than .5g (or 1g) to allow for room for expansion when the oil is heated to vaporize. Also, concentrates have different viscosities, and some may already be present in the vaporizing chamber. Because of this, there will always be some space visible in the cartridge!

I wasn't happy with my purchase for some reason, what can I do?

We will always take returns of any product, no questions asked (although we do want to hear from you if you have any issues)! Since we don’t currently have a retail store, you can return your cartridge to whichever store you bought it from, and they will refund you or replace your cartridge, and we will then reimburse or credit that specific store. If for any reason you have difficulties with this or a retailer isn’t aware of our refund policy, please email us right away at And feel free to always email us any questions, concerns, or comments you have about anything!

What are your sustainable practices?

The entire town of Juneau (where we live and work!) runs on locally produced hydropower, and our water supply is sustainably sourced and incredibly clean. In addition, we at Top Hat are committed to being as sustainable as possible with our growing practices. Our flower is grown in biodynamic living soil, and we never use any pesticides or chemicals, relying instead on compost teas, companion planting, and other environmentally friendly ways of growing.

What is unique about being a cannabis brand in Alaska?

There are definitely challenges to working in this industry in Alaska. A big one for us, as a company that wholesales our product to retailers across the state, is the issue of delivery. However, this is also one of the coolest things about what we do! We sell our products at roughly 50 stores scattered across the state, covering an area of thousands of miles; from Utqiagvik “The Northernmost American City”, to Nome in Western Alaska, to Fairbanks in the interior and Anchorage in South Central Alaska, to various towns in Southeast Alaska. Most of these places are only easily accessible by air and marine transport, as most are either landlocked or incredibly far away from where we are in Juneau, Southeast Alaska. For example, the distance from Juneau to Utqiagvik would be like delivering products from Toronto, Canada, all the way to Tampa, Florida, except without a road system the whole way!

On your packaging and marketing, I always see "Powered by CCELL". What does this mean?

CCELL is the company that manufactures all of our cartridges and batteries. We are proud to rep them since, in keeping with our company policies, they’re simply the best! Their cartridges are guaranteed not to contain heavy metals. The vaporizer surface is made from ceramic, and stainless steel is used for the rest of the components, making certain nothing is leached into our product! There are a lot of fakes being used by other manufacturers, make sure you look for the CCELL logo with a lot # on the bottom. Ours are supplied by Jupiter, the company responsible for developing the tech.

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